CMLink Plans

CMLink data, voice, SMS included in the plans not only can be used in Canada, but can also allow one easily roam in mainland China and Hong Kong without changing the SIM or being charged for any roaming fees. You will find one suitable for you.


Bussiness EPP Plan

  • $56/5GB
**EPP(goverment,hospital,univeristy,bank,large enterprise (Huawei,CANADAPOST, A&W, IBM CANADA , SUNCOR….etc. employee,only for contract)

Bussiness plan(no open fee)

  • First line: 80/15GB
  • Second line: 70/15GB
  • Third line: 65/15GB
  • Four line and above: 60/15GB

Koodo phone plane

The discount is constantly changing, and the exact price is subject to the offical website.

Lowest to $30 /month




Phonebox plans


*Rogers Network*

$30 —————-1 GB

$35 —————-5 GB

$40 —————-8 GB

$45—————-10 GB

$50 —————13 GB

For more other mobile phone plans, please call for details!